First Blog Post

It seems apt to describe interesting things I’ve found myself getting up to while learning to code and I would like to share some of said things, most likely to affirm my own understanding, but also because why not.

I’ve been studying programming for 4 years now after having started early on with the python course CSSE1001 at UQ. Coding wasn’t really something I found myself being interested in from a younger age, although I did enjoy messing with configuration files, I wasn’t exactly writing full programs in any well defined language.

I originally decided to study Civil Engineering fresh out of high school and did enjoy my time studying it. I do wish I had become more involved with programming from an earlier point than at the end of that degree. I remember playing around with Ubuntu on old computers we had at home and thoroughly impressed myself when I managed to turn one into a file server.

I hope to post some guides on interesting things I’ve managed to find over time, probably starting with some javascript and other quirks that come with web development. After starting to tutor a course this semester I think I’ve gained a better understanding of some fundamental things I wish I had known earlier and hopefully sharing those here helps some people.

Some of my submissions on github have been interesting. External API’s are pretty easy to plug into and I do like using them to add interesting content to web pages or displaying data in an intuitive way.

You can find me in a few places around the internet and I’m glad you took the time to read this.

Stay tuned for either more posts, or more cats. Either way aren’t they both positives?

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