A small selection of the things I have created over the last few years. You'll find many more of them over at my Github account page. Most are graciously hosted on Github Pages.


📃 Platform for publishing various types of content. Uses Nuxt3, NuxtUI and Sequelize.

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nuxt3 nuxtui pinia article-engine


📋 Create, share and aggregate surveys with others. Built with Laravel, Inertia and React.

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docker laravel php vite inertiajs


☁️ Perform calculations in the cloud built with Python 3, Flask framework and Docker.

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flask api python3


📣 Chat from the command line, light wrapper around Twitch's IRC websocket for listening to chat.

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chat twitch websockets


📈 Visualise languages used in your GitHub repositories with Sveltekit, Authjs and Chartjs.

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git svelte sveltekit visualization authjs tailwind


📝 Collaborate in real time with others on a document. Uses Phoenix, LiveView and Docker.

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elixir phoenix-framework real-time liveview


🚢 Upload resources and link them into your applications. Built using server side Swift with Vapor.

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file-upload swift vapor-swift


🏗️ Grid layout that allows for quick scaffolding without css-grid or flexbox.

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css grid template


💻 Profile page with links to experiments and statistics for languages I use.

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readme profile github

📘 My blog with posts about my experiences. Built with Jekyll and extra scripting in Ruby.

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blog jekyll liquid tech portfolio


⏳ Sharable links to event horizons. Made using Astro and various components.

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astro countdown date-fns


💨 Query the Stack Exchange API for answers containing keywords. Built using Vue.

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vue vuex api


📁 Allocate information to memory from a file using C.

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c malloc realloc


🎨 Draw on and edit images you upload in the browser. Uses Qwik, Qwik-City and Canvas.

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canvas qwik qwik-city


💡 Track page view statistics, generate actionable insights. Built with Go and Echo.

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analytics echo-framework go


📐 Interface layout components built with Tailwind and displayed using Storybook.

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react storybook tailwind ui-components


📕 Tracks reminders between page visits using local storage and Svelte.

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todo javascript svelte


📻 Current technology news stories, efficiently delivered and powered by Solid Start.

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news solid solidjs solidstart


🛰️ Aggregate logs and configure notifications to be received. Built with C# and .NET Core.

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csharp dotnet dotnet-core logging


✔️ Interface for items to be queried for price, or groups of parts queried as a whole.

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python tkinter


📖 Plan anything collaboratively with others. Uses Next.js, Drizzle, SQLite and Authjs.

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nextjs tailwindcss drizzle-orm authjs


🏘️ Microservice-based living space management in a monorepo using Node, Express and Kafka.

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docker microservices nodejs kafka express


🧩 User service queried with GraphQL via an Apollo, Sequelize and SQLite back-end.

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apollo-server graphql sequelize


⚡ Swiftly access key notes efficiently whenever, wherever you need. Uses Tailwind and Angular.

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angular speechsynthesis text-to-speech


🐶 Endless subreddit image gallery scrolling in plain JavaScript with no frameworks.

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reddit scrolling image


📡 Detects when websites go down, and then tells you via webhooks. Uses Ruby and Sinatra.

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ruby threads webhook sinatra


⛰️ Scalable service for processing background jobs built with Nest, Mikro and Docker swarm.

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background-jobs mikro-orm nestjs scalable


🎙️ Load testing as a service for scaling your application. Built using server side Kotlin with Ktor.

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kotlin ktor-framework load-testing


🛠 URL shortener that makes links smaller using React, Express and SQLite3.

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database sqlite3 react node


💬 Real-time messaging from multiple chatters using Remix, Remix-Auth, and Prisma.

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react remix prisma sqlite socketio remix-auth